Supernatural: The Battle Between Heaven and Hell



The television show that this report is about is Supernatural. The show is in its fifth and final season and there is a war between heaven and hell ongoing with the apocalypse seeming imminent.

The report will give an overview of the previous seasons of Supernatural, the Four Horsemen portrayed in Revelations and Supernatural and their effect on the apocalypse and finally the battle of Heaven vs Hell will be analyzed with a brief biography of Michael and Lucifer, once again comparing the show to other information on the subject.

One argument or opinion that this report will show is how accurate Supernatural is with their religious references in comparison to religious literature. Comparisons on characters, lore and other topics will be analyzed. Through research on the topic of the apocalypse, I hope to be able to make an educated guess on what will happen at the end of the series (it will not be completed by the due date of this report).